Poll Results- Would You Pay If Your Local Online Newspaper Charged

I ran this post and poll back on February 2nd.  here are the results.

In light of the new iPad newspaper “The Daily” which just launched and is charging for it’s content I wonder how many of you would ever consider paying for your local newspaper’s online content if they decided to do away with free content and went to a subscription based website.

Local newspapers cover news such as tax issues, zoning, and political races and if they didn’t exist where you would get that information?

I can tell you that even though many people tell me they check out GMG before they check out the GDT, we don’t come close to covering the important stories that keep politicians honest and I have no intention to ever try to.

God bless the remaining newspaper people that still labor to bring us the important stories even though they have to endure pay cuts and layoffs. Newspapers are vital to our way of life. I hope they can figure out a way to keep on keepin on.

Here are the results-


What types of features in a daily online newspaper would make you be willing to pay or not?

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