The Gloucester High School Docksiders jazz band will host their annual Swing Dance at Gloucester City Hall on Saturday, May 18 at 7 p.m. General admission is $5; snacks and beverages will be available.

This will be the Docksiders’ last concert of the year, so don’t miss it! Come to dance or just sit and enjoy an evening of spectacular music while supporting and celebrating these talented young musicians!

TOMORROW Beer & Wine Tasting at Gloucester House for GHS Docksiders

annual spring Booster for GHS Docksiders –  Wine and Beer Tasting at The Gloucester House on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 6:30PM.

Docksiders 2019

You can buy a ticket or donate at Alexandra’s Bread, 265 Main Street, Gloucester

GHS Docksiders perform & Wine Tasting booster at Gloucester House – tix available at Alexandra’s Bread

GHS docksiders
look at the energy! courtesy photo- Mr. Fleury, Band Director, and GHS Docksiders 

What’s on the set list and the tasting menu for this great pairing? Mark your calendars for the GHS Docksiders Wine Tasting booster at The Gloucester House on Saturday, March 17, at 6:30PM.

Enjoy an evening with the GHS Docksiders: Listen to great music, sip fine wine, shop & support local music. Special Guest auctioneer, Senator Bruce Tarr. Tickets are $25 at the door or from a GHS Docksiders member or… 

Docksiders fundraiser March 17 2018

You can buy a ticket or donate at Alexandra’s Bread, 265 Main Street, Gloucester

St. Patrick’s Dinner with a performance by the GHS Docksiders

On St. Patrick’s day, the Holy Family Parish Women’s Guild organized a traditional Irish dinner in the hall at St. Ann’s, with corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, Irish soda bread, and (mostly green-frosted) desserts.  After everyone was served, the Gloucester High School “Docksiders” provided entertainment, playing a fantastic set including jazz, bossa nova, etc.  If you haven’t heard them before, look for an opportunity – they are really great!

We had a good turnout for the event, and everyone seemed to have a great time! Here are some photos.

Guild members served the buffet
Almost a full house
Fr. John Kiley with friends from his previous parish

The Docksiders provided excellent music.
Part of the sax section
Various of the musicians got the opportunity to shine playing solo parts within their section. They all did a great job!
The evening ended with a 50/50 raffle. Here we have the happy winner.

More photos are on my Flickr photostream in my Holy Family Parish set.

Aloha from a Gloucester Native!

My sister told me about this yesterday. Angus is part of our MacFeeley/Lowe extended family growing up in Magnolia.

Gloucester Daily Times:

To the editor:

The GHS Docksiders “dockside” performance at the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor on Sunday was fantastic.

For me and many visitors who were there that morning, it was like travelling in time as WWII era tunes echoed from the USS Arizona Memorial, along Battleship Row where WWII began, to the decks of the USS Missouri, where the Japanese surrender was signed.

It was impressive, in a place where everything is normally done on “Hawaiian time,” to see these young performers shake off jet lag, set up, and perform so professionally.

Pearl Harbor historical sites bring to visitors a unique sense of time and what was experienced during the attack on Pearl Harbor and through the war in the Pacific.

The Docksiders’ performance, on a quiet Sunday morning much like the very early Dec. 7, 1941, brought a rare and even greater sense of that time to those of us who were there. For me, it gave pause to remember my father who worked at Pearl Harbor Shipyard during the war and returned to Gloucester to start BOMCO during the 1950s.

It was more than a performance of 1940s Big Band music by an exquisite band. Through their director, Dave Adams, these young musicians expressed their respect and honored those who experienced World War II by bringing their music back to life. They connected themselves to a place and time that will, for many future generations, be remembered for the cost of freedom and the price paid by America’s ‘greatest generation’.

I have a fresh sense of hope for the future as I saw, in these young musicians, high caliber ability, hard work, and excellence.

Their generation is pretty darn good, too.

Congratulations, Gloucester! Mahalo Nui Loa!

Angus MacFeeley

Wahiawa, Hawaii

(Gloucester High School Class of 1970)

Docksiders’ Aloha show last push for Hawaii trip – Manny Simoes Photos

photo by Manny Simoes

The student musicians in the Docksiders, Gloucester High School’s stage band, made their last big fund-raising push for their trip to Hawaii.

The trip to Hawaii, April 16 to 23, is not the first trip the group has taken. In the nine years the band has been together, it is given concerts throughout the Cape Ann area, and tries to take a trip every two years. The Docksiders have traveled as far as California to play at Disney Land and to Florida, where the group twice played at Walt Disney World.

It was the Docksiders’ trip to Walt Disney World two years ago that led to this excursion for the band. See Times article here.

BankGloucester President Patrick Thorpe - Photo by Manny Simoes