Things to Do- CB Fisk Opus 136

click the picture for the CB Fisk Website
click the picture for the CB Fisk Website

2 thoughts on “Things to Do- CB Fisk Opus 136

  1. Hi Capt. Joe,

    I bookmarked this event in the interest of my 11 year old son, who started piano lessons this year but is very interested in organs.

    I made the trek up to Gloucester from Everett along with my husband and son. Turns out, the weather did not stop the dozens upon dozens who descended upon this open house. We learned some amazing things and gained a total appreciation of what goes into the making of a pipe organ.

    We chatted with both staff and visitors, as many of the folks were not shy about striking up a conversation. Whenever people asked me how I found out about the open house, that’s when I gave the plug for the GMG blog that I subscribe to.

    Funny thing – I recognized one of the visitors and it’s because of my subscription to the blog. I saw Brenda Malloy, from the Imagine gift shop, and the reason I recognized her was from the short video series you posted about her and her shop earlier this year. I felt too awkward to strike up a conversation with her, though.

    All in all, well worth the trip. My only disappointment was that the organ room was continually packed so my son could not get a sneak peak inside the organ. However, I did find out from one of the managers that they do conduct tours for school field trips.

    If you haven’t already, maybe you can make a visit to the shop and post some video on the blog.

    Thanks for letting us know about this event!


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