GGAP III Thank You

To those of you who saw yesterday’s presentations, a big thank you!

Rob Newton’s slideshow of his grandfather’s old postcards was beautifully set to music. My interview with Karen McCormack was highlighted by her dad’s arrival from Arizona just in time to see himself on the big screen. Mike Lindberg’s video of “Gloucester til the End” brought tears to everyone’s eyes. He commented that there would be a remake of the song and video when the band performs for the JJ Nicastro benefit at Capt. Carlo’s on June 25. Jay Albert included some interesting computer-generated music with his slideshow of gorgeous Gloucester photos including a shot of a tornado at last year’s Fiesta. And the show was wrapped up by the Bait and Tackle crew Tom Papows, Michael Pallazola, & Emile Doucette who will be traveling to Toronto for a film competition in May where they have been selected as one of 14 finalists for their Greasy Pole video.

Although it was a beautiful day, we are grateful for those who came to support the emerging talent of Gloucester Guerilla Art Project artists. Missed you, Joey!