Surfs Up II

img_7880WAVES: 1′ -2′
SETS: waist +
WIND: S-SW  10-20                             
LOW TIDE@ 1:30 pm
HIGH TIDE@ 7:00 am
CONDITIONS: small-fun S-SE windswell/swell mix, increasing sideshore (SW winds)
OUTLOOK: todays waves fade quickly. perhaps a similar type, a bit quicker, a bit more potent system early-mid next week.

Bananas Winner of The GMG/CABI St Paddy Day Window Decorating Contest

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What’s your Saturday look like?


Some people have certain chores or errands they do every Saturday. They do laundry, banking, baking, shopping, visit a relative, etc. Others wing it. Usually that’s what I do.

It depends almost entirely on the weather. If it was warm and sunny today, I would have taken a short bike ride after breakfast. Or go out and look for signs of spring with the camera.

But since today’s kinda iffy, I think I’ll go down and see the Charlie Lowe photography exhibit at the Cape Ann Museum. It’s free on Saturday mornings for locals. Then visit my Mom for a while. I also want to go look at mountain bikes. But I’ll have my camera with me…just in case.

So what are your plans today? Are you a routine person or do you go with whatever comes up?

1980 Pic From Parker Street Looking At The State Fish Pier

Thanks To Frank Ciolino for these old pictures.

This picture is taken from where the Pigeon Cove Whole Foods/ Montagnino Building  is looking from the inner harbor outwards.   Note the broken down piers and abandoned boat.  


State Fish Pier 3/31/09

Things sure look a whole lot different today than they did in 1980 on Parker street and the State Fish Pier.  Check back at 8:00AM for the view in 1980 thanks to pictures made available by Frank Ciolino.

State Fish Pier 3/31/09, originally uploaded by captjoe06.