UMass Lowell collegians & Gloucester fishermen boys varsity soccer alumi watch the dracut game – 3 home games this week wed., thurs.(seniors night), sat. at ghs new balance newell stadium- come on down!! ⚽⚽

GHS Gloucester Fishermen boys varsity soccer are 8-2-1 bound for Swampscott (away) today, looking to cinch playoffs. Boys & girls sports team alternate home vs. away. Tonight Gloucester Fishermen girls varsity soccer home game is their “Senior Night” 6pm at GHS New Balance-Newell stadium.

Senior Night, honoring the senior players, is not always last home game. Check the full calendar below!

photo caption: (L-R) Felix, Richard, Kyle (Enz not pictured) | GHS Gloucester Fishermen boys varsity soccer alumi watch game vs. Dracut October, 2021. Gloucester won –shut out 8:0 – courtesy photo Paul Vitale

photo caption: (L-R) Felix, Richard, Kyle (Enz not pictured) | GHS Gloucester Fishermen boys varsity soccer alumi watch game vs. Dracut October, 2021. Gloucester won –shut out 8:0 – courtesy photo Paul Vitale


Boys soccer schedule-

Monday, Oct 18, 2021 Game 4:30PM Away vs. Swampscott Blocksidge Field

Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021 Game 4:30PM Winthrop High School Gloucester High School

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 SENIOR NIGHT Game 6:00PM Salem Gloucester High School

Saturday, Oct 23, 2021 Game 10:00AM Wayland Gloucester High School

Monday, Oct 25, 2021 Game 4:00PM Marblehead Gloucester High School

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 Game 6:00PM Beverly High School Gloucester High School

Saturday, Oct 30, 2021 Game 3:00PM Away vs. Danvers Danvers High School

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GHS sports calendar- today’s listing, Monday, October 18, 2021

9:00amGolf: Varsity State Tournamentvs. TBA  @  Renaissance Golf Club
Division 3 North Tournament
4:00pmField Hockey: MS Gamevs. Beverly High School  @  O’Maley Middle School Nate Ross Field
4:30pmSoccer: Girls JV Gamevs. Swampscott  @  Gloucester High School Newell Stadium
4:30pmSoccer: Boys Varsity Game
vs. Swampscott  @  Blocksidge Field
4:30pmSoccer: Boys JV Game
vs. Swampscott  @  Blocksidge Field
6:00pmField Hockey: Varsity Game
vs. Central Catholic  @  Central Catholic High School
6:00pmSoccer: Girls Varsity Gamevs. Swampscott  @  Gloucester High School Newell Stadium
Senior Night

Portrait of Flip | GHS Fishermen Athletics Department is the best! #GloucesterMA

Flip has earned the respect of high school athletes — teenagers — for many, many years. His demeanor and steady presence are a fixture. Some of his work behind the scenes helps operations like managing the equipment, uniforms and attendance. He knows all the players. If they are late and checking in, passing in the halls, or heading to the gym; — any greeting exchanged with Flip enriches the students’ days immeasurably. I’ve seen a GHS alum in his late twenties– I’m not all together sure he played a sport- cross a room to say, “Hi! Remember me?”, and brighten with Flip’s affirmation and brief encounter. It’s a sure and easy bet that on countless days when things were not going well, Flip has made a student’s day brighter.

The kindest gatekeeper ever, Flip is taking taking and recording temperatures, one of the new Covid-19 safety protocols. GHS Boys Varsity Soccer (a win vs. Swampscott) New Balance Newell Stadium Gloucester, Mass 11/18/2020

super swag & banquet | GHS Boys Soccer Gloucester House #GloucesterMA #FishermenAthletics

Well done super boosters – Grace Ferrara and family, Carlotta , and Diane Horne – for organizing such a special event and all that went into it! The Gloucester House meal and service were outstanding. Thanks to the generous folks who bought raffle tickets and game day snacks and many volunteers and supporters. There was serious swag and a wonderful celebration for a great season. Congratulations players.

A few scenes from the GHS boys soccer dinner banquet at Gloucester House, Gloucester, MA.

super booster Grace and daughters_GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_©c ryan
super booster Grace Ferrera and crew 🙂

Gloucester House street sign_20191122_Gloucester Ma ©c ryan.jpg

Head Coach Armando Marnoto

GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_soccer boosters ©c ryan (1)

Armando Marnoto Head Coach GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_soccer boosters ©c ryan GIF

JV Coach Jason Rutkauskus

JV Coach Jason Rutsaukus_GHS boys Soccer banquet 20191124_soccer boosters at Gloucester House restaurant © c ryan (1)

courtesy photos from Kristin and Peg:


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Tough loss great season!

Gloucester varsity soccer is out in the first round of the conference series.  Lynnfield 1 Gloucester 0. Gloucester Daily Times Nick Curcuru coverage accompanied by Kirk R. Williamson photos here 

“…From there, Gloucester adjusted by switching to three strikers. But Lynnfield countered that by bringing back a fifth defender to clog up the passing lanes.

“We knew adding an extra striker would put some extra pressure on their defense,” Marnoto said. “And it did but they added an extra defender and when they won the ball they got it out wide. That gave them time to regroup and kept us from getting into our shape.” Both goal keepers were also a factor.” – Nick Curcuru excerpt

conference game november 5 2019 vs Lynnfield.png

Kirk R. Williamson photos: Gloucester’s Robert Mugabe chases down a loose ball along the sideline while being tangled up with a Lynnfield player ont the sidelines in Tuesday’s Division 3 North First Round meeting.

© photograph copyright Kirk R Williamson for Gloucester Daily Times.jpg

Gloucester’s Robert Mugabe tries to make a play on the ball as the Lynnfield goal keeper Dante Gesamondo makes a save in front of two of his defenders © copyright Kirk R. Williamson

Boys soccer PLAYOFF GAME 7PM Nov 4th, Joe Kibango’s GHS Gillnetter Article: Diversity Breeds Success,

Excerpt from Diversity Breeds Success: New Perspectives For Boys Soccer Team

“The GHS boys soccer team is making a name for itself in the Northeastern South Conference, as Head Coach Armando Marnoto’s culturally diverse squad represents more than ten different countries.” – great opener by Joe Kibango

Columnist Joe Kibango knows what he’s writing about; he’s one of the team captains. Kibango, GHS soccer team player #3, was born in Tanzania. His wonderful article  includes profile interviews with some of the team players and Coach Marcos Trejo:

#5 Mohamad “Mo” Alsweidani
#10 Elijah Elliott
#13 Robert Mugabe (freshman!)
#17 Anthony Suazo
#8 Kevin De Oliveira
#30 Lasse Struppe
#23 Mario Santos

Read the complete article here:

Follow the 2017 MIAA Boys Soccer North Division 3 state bracket here

PLAYOFF GAME Come support the team this Saturday November 4th 7PM at Newell

Gillnetter Joe Kibango