Congratulations Hurricanes! Fishermen Youth Soccer Girls G6 are 2022 Essex county youth soccer Champions! #ECYSA2022 ⚽🏆

Way to go FYS Hurricanes!

courtesy photo – FYS Girls 2022 G6 county champions.

Pingree hosted the regional tournament. Exciting recap from FYS.

“The team had an incredible undefeated season all the way through the playoffs. The regular season had the team leading their division with a record of 7-0-1.

The record is impressive, but two things about the record only show up when looking into that stats:

– 5 of the 8 games were decided by 2 or less goals. So, nearly all games were very tight and hard played. 

– Only 4 goals were scored against the team over the regular season. Excellent defense and goal tending by this team, highlights not found when looking at just the record. 

For the playoffs, this team received a first round BYE.

The Semi-Final game occurred on a hot Friday evening. The team looked like it was cruising into the final game with a 2-0 lead with 10 minutes remaining when the unthinkable happened. The team allowed 2 goals to score with minutes left in the game. Regular time ended at 2-2, and the heat was really cranking on this team now. This team has gone into OT in the past during their winter season, so they knew what to do. The team scored the game winning goal with just minutes left in OT, avoiding the dreaded Penalty Kick tie-breaker. 

The Final game was early Sunday morning, on father’s day. The girls were ecstatic and ready to go at game time which is good because the other team came out strong. The opponents appeared bigger and stronger than our young team, but our defense being our strength all season was up to the challenge. The game was tied 0-0 at half. After a brief halftime, the team was more determined than ever and came out aggressive and started to dominate play. The team just could not find the back of the net.


Until about 5 minutes remaining when they finally broke the draw and went ahead 1-0.


Congrats to the FYS Hurricanes team on an impressive season!”

FYS Hurricanes


  • Ava Borowick
  • Kaila Cauthers
  • Isabella Figurido
  • Jude Friday
  • Riley Hill
  • Charlotte James
  • Abigail Karcher
  • Mailee Lusk
  • Marley Militello
  • Iylan Mione
  • Maria Moginot
  • Rosie Telep
  • Betsy Telep
  • Natalie Tolman
  • Allison Tuck
  • Evelyn Watson

Coaches: Hugh Cauthers and Phil Lusk

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