Quebec Getaway — pat morss

Anne-Lise and I are back from a few days in Quebec City. It is a 7-hour drive from Gloucester, the same time as a flight to Paris, and the cities feel equally French. We walked familiar territory, and also discovered some new neighborhoods. And it was a culinary delight.

Le Chateau Frontenac and Vieux-Quebec sit atop the wall that wraps the old city.
The St Lawrence River, viewed from the path up to La Citadelle.
Looking down on the Coast Guard base.
Dufferin Terrasse, on the river side of Le Chateau Frontenac, is a popular board walk.
Entering the lobby offers a glimpse of life at the famous Canadian Grand Hotels.
As does a visit to the historic bar.
A portion of a large mural, on the way down to Quartier Petit-Champlain, below the wall.
Where there are many art galleries and antique stores.
The district is tourist centric.
But it is easy to find uncrowded streets throughout the city.
Bassin Louise is accessed from the river, through a protective lock.
In the basin, there is an extensive yacht marina, with views to Vieux-Quebec.
Other yachts wait to be launched for the season, in the shadow of the giant grain silos.
At Restaurant ARVI, an enthusiastic staff shares cooking, explaining, serving and dishwashing roles.
The 5-course menu (became 7) began with incredibly enhanced flounder.
And who could resist the addition of a foie gras sandwich?

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