Dire Wolf Tavern In Salem

I woke up one morning last week and just wanted to do something different. Though it wasn’t quite to plan, the different thing we did was go to the newest Serenitee Restaurant Dire Wolf Tavern on Washington St in Salem. And it was fantastic! Honestly the online presentation when the Dire Wolf was introduced made me think it wouldn’t be my kind of place, but I was mistaken! We stopped for lunch on a weekday and it was easy to find parking nearby. The bar area is spacious and lovely. There’s outdoor seating available but we chose to sit inside where we could watch the street. The menu has a nice variety of selections and I found it difficult to settle on just one so we will be back to try the others. We have Serenitee Rewards, so it was a win-win.

Jim ordered Crispy Shawarma Cauliflower as an appetizer and the Beef Brisket & Cheese sandwich. I ordered a BLT — though I was a little wary of the mustard aioli, it was a perfectly matched set of ingredients. Josh was our server and he was friendly and knowledgeable. A couple of people were overheard raving about the burger so I expect that to be on my list for next time.

As an added treat, there’s a downstairs bar area called Hallowed Tavern which seems to have a speakeasy vibe. It’s open later in the day. We enjoyed our meal and experience and we’d plan to go back. If you’re over that way, give them a try.

2 thoughts on “Dire Wolf Tavern In Salem

  1. Thank you for this information about the Serenitee Rewards program… I filled out that form info to receive my rewards card…

    Had I known your last name and email I’d have given to them for a possible extra reward for you as well Pat…

    Thank you so much,


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