Waiting for Ducklings — pat morss

There’s a continuing lull in activity as we wait for the first ducklings and other young wildlife to come out of hiding.

Lazy days for Dad as Mom is on the nest, at Niles Pond.
A Red-winged Blackbird flashes its signature wing patch.
Grackle: “What do those big birds find so interesting in the ocean? Wish I could swim.”
Catbird: “So, are you looking at my chest or my back?”
A handsome male Goldfinch in his breeding plumage.
To some, he is apparently handsome as well.
“I know you put a snap hook on the cage door, but I can still steal suet, one bite at a time.”
On the water, Ardelle is taking visitors out again.
The Right Whale lobstering moratorium is over, so Lady J. is putting out her traps.
For real, or training, USCG searches hours after a body was recovered off Rafe’s Chasm.

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