Little River Landing On A Spring Day

I just love this little spot along Essex Ave near Magnolia Ave year round but especially on a pretty spring day. In the “Information You Didn’t Know You Needed” department; here’s an excerpt from the City’s listing of public landings describing the area (I only have a small bone to pick regarding the condition of the parking area but that’s an ongoing issue) apparently updated in 2010:

13. LITTLE RIVER LANDING (aka Stubby Knowles and Frenchmen’s Pier), Essex
Avenue at Magnolia Avenue. Assessor’s Map 220/Lot 50.
STATUS: Public. Laid out by the County Commissioners in 1973. Recorded at the
Registry of Deeds, Book 5999, Page 672. Also found in County Engineers Plan
CONDITION: Large area with great potential. Good location, plenty of room for
parking, and several possible locations for a simple launch area. The Department
of Public Works repaired the smelt fish pier and the parking area. Presently no
launch area except a rough dirt path for carry-downs. Plaque, but not in a
noticeable location. Very overgrown and neglected. Picnic bench. New plaque on
a rock.

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