Sunny day near the Blynman Bridge

8 thoughts on “Sunny day near the Blynman Bridge

  1. Sunny days benefit all. As do rainy days.
    However… The working man/woman whose livelihood depends on these sunny days, is hampered by the upraised cut bridge, cutting his/her wages. The person afforded the raised bridge, contrary to the working person, obtains his leisure on a vessel paid by the sweat of those simmering on the asphalt. Open skies, still surf, and cool breezes greet the boated privledged as they speed through the cut. Thwarted schedules, lost wages, and frustrated realizations of providing for loved one’s confront those whose only choice is to wait for the bridge to fall so they can continue their rush for survival and respect.


      1. I wish I could afford to go out to eat. Even so, when I do, fish and chips and ice water is the pallete ammenable to our wallet or purse. Lobster ceased to be our diet long ago. Such plates were eliminated from our prospects like the horizon beyond the rising cut bridge. Lobstermen motor on to satisfy the tastes of the owners of those big boats awaiting the opening of that bridge; much like those horses waiting the opening gate at the Kentucky Derby.


        1. Lobster has been a cheaper protein than steak and in summer season often chicken and pork so with a little shopping at your local lobster monger you could eat lobster cheaper than shopping at a grocery store for other proteins. The story sells though.


  2. We used to call it Cut Bridge! 😂😂😂😂 I remember that bridge before it became automatic! A man used to take hold of a lever, then run around and around in a circle to manually pull the bridge up!! I was only a little kid then!!


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