Deck At Minglewood A Winner!

It’s been beautiful for a couple of days so we went down to Minglewood on Rogers St for a couple of drinks and snacks on the back deck. WIN WIN is all I have to say. I ordered the frozen strawberry margarita (on the specials menu) and Jim got a beer. Since Zach had done such a great job at the meatball challenge, we had been hoping to get the meatball special but they had sold out of those on the first night they were offered on the specials menu. We soothed our disappointment with Veggie Spring Rolls and the nacho Plate of Love under the watchful eye of one of the resident seagulls. We had a blast thanks to our server Shawna but were even more tickled to learn there was a $10 bonus waiting for us on our Serenitee Rewards card! BOOM. It’s not hype that this reward program is a winner in money saving at participating restaurants. If you’re not enrolled, I gotta wonder…….

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