“Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” — pat morss

We’re intrigued by the challenges around us. Look carefully for the crow in the last photo.

I’m not sure what the “Will” is with these Painted Turtles.
This is the “Way” to carry more cargo – but too many containers are lost at sea.
A limping coyote presses on in spite of its injury.
Fortunately, this Red-tail Hawk can still fly, while its wing feathers grow back.
Another Red-tail gets chased by a small, intrepid Red-winged Blackbird.
The Red-wing pursues it over to the Dog Bar breakwater.
And into the sky – “Don’t come back”
The USCG unceasingly trains for when accomplishing the near impossible will be expected.
A tree lends a limb to a leaning trunk.
A feeding Red-bellied Woopecker, with a Blue Jay incoming.
The Blue Jay gets its way.
The Crow says to the Egret: “Catch me a fish and I’ll bring you some garbage.”

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