Hummingbird Update

As a follow up to the discussion held on the podcast about Pat’s hummingbirds, I humbly accept the honor bestowed for being the first of the contributors to post hummingbird news. (How’s that Joey?) As you saw last week, our hummingbird station was all set and ready to roll but we soon discovered the new larger tube we got wasn’t going to work. It was much too large to work efficiently so I replaced it with a small one in addition to 2 small hangar style feeders. So far, the single male we have had visit is very happy with the small hangars. Hoping to see a female soon! This is what it looks like when the hummingbirds can come to your deck and avoid various sporting equipment usage nearby.

One thought on “Hummingbird Update

  1. Our male has been here a wk, joined by a female this AM. I’m so happy seeing them come home. We also have three pair of bluebirds in the neighborhood, What a joy! Thanks for your info.


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