Project Elm From Cape an Elm Plants An Elm In Our Back Yard

Click here to get your elm tree planted:

Project Elm

Making Cape Ann GREEN again,
one tree at a time.

Reserve Your Trees Now

We are now accepting tree requests for 2023 as we aim for 1000 Elm trees planted in 10 years—only 825 to go! So far this year our trees are free, thanks to many generous donors who are paying it forward so Cape Ann folk can plant beautiful elms!

And our dedicated volunteers will plant the tree(s) for you on the Cape Ann site you select. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a gorgeous elm in your yard and help us by picking a site that is street facing so that we can help recreate the cathedral like “elm effect” all over Cape Ann like so many years ago and fight climate change at the same time!

Donations to help fund our efforts are deeply appreciated. Though we are not yet a 501c3 organization and therefore donations are not yet tax deductible, they will help us do what we do best—buy and plant elm trees all over Cape Ann. Thank you.

This year we, in honor of Gloucester’s 400th Anniversary, we are partnering with Biomimicy of New England to support 400 Trees Gloucester—an effort two plant that many trees in Gloucester over the next two years. All trees requested in Gloucester this year and next as a part of Cape Ann Elms will count towards this special tree initiative. Help us!

Thank you!

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