Mixed Grill — pat morss

Catching up on what’s going on around us.

Starting with Pemaquid oysters at Beauport Hotel’s 1606 Oyster Bar
Followed by seared tuna
All orchestrated by conductor ‘AC’
Brant Geese passing through, at Raymond Beach, sampling the seaweed
A Crow checking out whether nuts are all they’re cracked up to be
USCG spruces up the shore, replacing ‘whistle 2’ off Eastern Point light
On Niles Pond, a Mallard spruces up with a shower
And a fluff dry
A Greater Scaup couple comes over to check us out
Eddy Egret makes his spring debut
Seals turn their tummies toward the setting sun to soak up the last warm rays
While our Siren of the Seas stretches out seductively on her throne

GloucesterCast 644 Live From Googans Galley Essex 3/26/23 Link to Join Here-www.facebook.com/goodmorninggloucester



GloucesterCast 644 Live From Googans Galley Essex 3/26/23

Link to join here-  www.facebook.com/goodmorninggloucester 

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