Meteorological Spring — pat morss

March 1st was the beginning of Meteorological spring. We’ll see if Punxsutawney Phil is right that there will be no spring until after the Vernal equinox on March 21st.

A singing Cardinal is a good sign for the Meteorological spring
The early crocuses are another
But we have a couple of storms a week. Nun 4 off the lighthouse rides them out
The US Coast Guard is always out to practice. Sea birds in the foreground
After her storm refuge in Gloucester (see Pat D’s post), ‘Ile de Molene’ is out on the European cable
A double-ended Canada Goose is feeding on land at Niles Pond
This Mallard needs a napkin
The female is perfectly camouflaged
A male Hooded Merganser arrived on the pond and the women are after him
He looks back, wondering if he made the right choice
He concludes he did

2023 Performance Camp: Disney’s FROZEN JR at Cape ann YMCA!!

The Cape Ann YMCA Performance Camp led by award winning professional actress, director and arts educator Heidi Dallin is back for Summer 2023. Dallin and her team of theater professionals / arts educators including Rin Wolter, Tyler Garofalo, Sarah Vandewalle, Jenny Hersey, TS Burnham, Martina Gallo and Julia Drost are set for another exciting summer at the Cape Ann YMCA culminating in 2 public performances of Disney’s Frozen JR!

Download the flyer below. Contact Heidi Dallin at with any questions.

“Back for year 2 – Disney’s Frozen JR at Cape Ann YMCA 2023 Performance Camp. Just 7 spots left for our journey to Arendelle!”

Heidi Dallin

Cheers To March at Tonno

To continue my limited series honoring March and St. Patrick’s Day, cheers to Tonno on Main St. for their version of Irish Coffee! Rich in flavor and very satisfying as we awaited the recent storm huddled by the fireplace. Unlike Netflix, I cannot promise when the next Irish Coffee post will drop, but rest assured you will see another soon!

The next Old Sloop Presents concert will be Saturday, March 11th 7:30pm. The Connor Garvey Band will headline and Ben Cosgrove will open.

The concert page, with more information and links for tickets is at

Here is a video of The Connor Garvey Band performing Connor’s song “Water to the Well”:

Pauline’s Gifts to Reopen April 19, 2023

Happy to tell you that April 19,2023 Pauline’s Gifts will be OPENING for my 24th. Season. Excited and Honored to be Celebrating our beautiful city’s 400th.Year. You aren’t going to want to miss all of the NEW items as well as our returning faves!! Thank you for being here for my #smallbiz. #ilovemycustomers❤️

Seaport Grille’s 14th Anniversary is next week! March 7, 8 and 9th


Seaport Grille Celebrates 14 Years!

Join us in celebrating Seaport Grille’s 14th Anniversary. Kick off our anniversary with Chris Fritz-Grice on Tuesday, March 7th from 5 to 8pm. Enjoy flights specials, live music, prizes, giveaways, and more.

Three nights of celebration!March 7th, 8th and 9th.

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