Donna Viau shares: Our family never could have imagined our 25 year old son Greer Robert Viau would need a Kidney Transplant. This is a health journey of HOPE to find a Donor.

This is a health journey of HOPE to find a Donor. Greer has a soulful spirit and crazy inquisitive mind. He grew up in Gloucester Mass loving to fish with his dad and younger brother here and on our annual camping trips up North. Greer put himself through college earning a degree in Computer Science with a Math minor. He loves Fishing, Art, A.I. Research, Legos, Rock Climbing, Music, his girlfriend and is an amazing cook making the best pizza and chocolate lava cake. This all is so surreal, confusing, heartbreaking and challenging beyond belief. We are so in awe at Greer’s strength of heart and mind. We are grateful to an amazing Transplant Program to guide us and of course our loving family and friends for incredible support. Thank you to all those who consider Donation.

Why I Need a Kidney

In 2021 our 22 year old son Greer Robert Viau had an annual physical where his labs indicated some concerns in regards to his Kidney function. He was referred to a Nephrologist who recommended a biopsy. Unfortunately but moreso shockingly we discovered he was in Stage 3 of Chronic Kidney Disease CKD. Collapsing FSGS. He was prescribed medication and stabilized with the hope to remain so. In November 2022 Greer felt ill with some flu like symptoms. He continued with some random bouts of nausea and contracted COVID in late December. In mid January 2023 blood work indicated a significant drop in his GFR and spike in Creatine levels indicating his CKD was active again. A biopsy then indicated neurcrotic damage and inflammation. The Prednisone prescribed did not work and Greer’s condition was worsening. His Nephrologist referred him to the Brigham and Women’s Transplant Program as well as a Dialysis clinic for us all to learn about varied options of Dialysis that he may need to be ready for. His next labs were now putting him in ESRD End Stage Renal Disease. In February 2023 Greer became ill and was admitted to the Brigham. They were able to stabilize him and kept him for five days. We had the opportunity to meet with doctors and members of the Transplant Team program and learn more about Greer’s eminent future. He was able to be released with the hope he could remain stabilized long enough to wait for a transplant without having to go on Dialysis. We realize he must be prepared for whatever comes. Witnessing Greer going thru this daunting process is overwhelming, but Greer is the strongest of all. Our family is grateful that there is such an amazing team caring for Greer. We appreciate anyone willing to learn about testing and the aspects of participating in Donorship…the Gift of Life. If you are interested in seeing if you are medically able to donate, please choose the button on this page: “Looking to Donate for Greer?”

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