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Hometown Hockey Exchange

Hey Joey 

Did you know that you can get used (and sometimes new) hockey gear for FREE locally? 

The “GOAL” of Hometown Hockey Exchange is to provide FREE used hockey equipment to local families on Cape Ann. 

We are passionate about hockey and want to remove the obstacle of expensive gear and traveling over the bridge to find what you need.

Let’s get kids of all ages on the ice!

Kristin Michel 

Jon Churchill

Follow us on Facebook.  New inventory is being added as it comes in.

GloucesterCast 638 Livestream 3/12/23 Link to Join


GloucesterCast 638 Livestream 3/12/23

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02:43 Podcast Sharing Prizes Announcement- Bianco Sausages Cap & Down River Paper Stationary Set

04:55 North Shore Classic Hockey Tournament- Connor’s Goal

06:55 Goal Horn App

12:14 Pat Dalpiaz Irish Coffee Series

14:37 Closing of Captain Hooks

18:25 Condolences To The Family of Tony Verga

19:32 Howard Blackburn Closing

21:10 Oak To Ember 500Gallon Mill Scale Offset Smoker Delivery

26:50 Joey is re-starting his patented “don’t Eat Like An A55hole Diet

28:50 Horrific Airline Flight Story- What Would You Do?

35:51 Tiger Woods Girlfriend Gets Locked Out Story

40:29 Berlin To Allow Topless Bathing At Public Pools

46:30 Relationship Tips

50:00 Be A Man Will Be Judging Amateur Night At The Golden Banana March 30

51:40 Should We Do A GMG Meow Madness Bracket Tournament?

54:38 McCarthy Naples report

01:07:05 We Will Have A Surprise Livestream Monday Morning Where We Test A Local Service

01:11:55 Bluefin Blowout Update

01:14:45 One Ocean Apparel 30% Off Sitewide Sale

01:16:50 Katelyn Ciaramitaro Real Estate Services

01:20:00 Uncle Frank’s Pizza Opening Soon

01:21:00 We Joined The St Peter’s Club and They Are Looking For Members

01:21:25 Bravo Pizza Slices To Go Downtown

01:25:05 Jimmy Dalpiaz Piping Plover Sign Off

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Three Swans a Swimming

We saw these swans amongst a large flock of geese and ducks in the river along Atlantic St. on the way to Wingaersheek a few days ago. This pair was determinedly swimming to meet up with the third swan a little further up. There were a pair of hawks overhead keeping an eye on the action below. The third swan then led them for a little walk. It seemed a little unusual to see swans at that location but I imagine migrations have begun in earnest for the bird population.