The Last Fortnight, or so — pat morss

We’re in a lull waiting for spring activity. And the major bliuzzard that came across the country resulted in only a modest, rainy Nor’easter on the coast.

Odd “marshmallow” foam from swells before the Northeast storm
The storm’s manageable wind and waves, without the blizzard
A House Sparrow singing about spring coming
A grumpy song sparrow not singing
Puddle ducks – a Mallard pair enjoying a street swim after the storm
Several more Mallards in formation skimming the surface of Niles Pond
A Red-throated Loon in winter plumage, not displaying familiar colors yet
“How about a little privacy, please?”
Male Turkeys are back in our driveway – a Unicorn in a British Barrister’s wig and gown
This one doing laps around the car with his reflection shadowing him
Finally, a direct encounter with the intruder

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