Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Cheers!

For my final 2023 blog post featuring Irish Coffees around town, I present Stones on Main St. In my mind, it’s the closest thing Gloucester has to an Irish pub so it’s logical to try their Irish Coffee and feature it on St. Patrick’s Day. This double Irish coffee had all the necessary ingredients and is presented in a drink glass, which I love. As a bonus, it’s very yummy. Thanks Stones! I’ll have another…….

To summarize the Irish Coffee series, I have featured Minglewood, Tonno, Mile Marker, Blue Marlin, Gloucester House and Stones. This is a perfect representation of the choices available though I have not tried them all! I wouldn’t turn a single one down. If you crave the most Irish vibe, I’d go with Minglewood. Blue Marlin is among the top choices for a dessert-like Irish coffee. Mile Marker’s is perfect and proper and the most creative take in this bunch. Gloucester House version was a lovely surprise on a cold afternoon. Tonno also really hits the mark for a dinner wind-down before you leave the coziness of the establishment. Stones seems like the most authentic atmosphere so I cannot select a favorite. It depends on your mood at the moment. Try them all! See you next year for more!. Enjoy your day.

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