Watch Our Video: Did you know you Pay An Energy Efficiency Charge On Every Electric Bill? Did You Know That Money Goes Toward Programs Like The Free Mass Save Home Energy Audit and Insulation, Heat Sealiong Programs That You’re Silly Not To Take Advantage Of?

You’re entitled every two years to take advantage of these programs that you’re already paying for weather you take advantage of them or not. In this video, we go through our home’s No-Cost Home Energy Audit with Mass Save Energy Partner Green Energy Gains Garrett Hodgson and Greg Kendall.

If you would like a free home energy audit- leave your info below and I’ll have them contact you to set it up. On a modestly sized home like hours it usually takes under an hour and you can end up getting thousands of dollars in energy efficiency work for no cost, again, because we ae all paying for these programs in the line item on our National Grid bill, The Energy Efficiency Charge

Leave your contact info here and I’ll have them contact you as well-

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