Owl Or Nothing

I belong to a Facebook group called Massachusetts Bird Photography (not a birder, remember….) and noticed an opportunity to book an owl tour for an all day adventure, so off I went. Lo and behold, the tour was held right here in Essex County, which hosts one of the largest owl populations in the state. My wonderful guide Cynthia is a big fan of Screech Owls and the tour was mostly focused on finding some and learning a bit about their habits and life cycle. It was a huge success. We found 8 owls (one short eared in flight and 7 Screech Owls) including one Cynthia had previously not seen. As you will see in the following photos, it’s kind of no wonder we overlook them as they are supremely camouflaged by Mother Nature. I thought you might like to see what we found. Which is your favorite? You may see some notecards in the near future from Pat D’s Photos. Check out Pat D’s Photos and Adventures on Facebook for additional photos and story details.

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