Ice Fishing with the Fish Nerds

Finn and I went ice fishing last weekend. When a free day of no work or hockey presented itself, I asked Finn what he wanted to do (skiing, indoor golf, Dave and Busters….). His answer, no surprise, was fishing. 7 Degrees or not. So, I sent a message to the “Fish Nerds.” We’ve ice fished with Clay and Vinnie four times in the past. They immediately fit him in early the next morning and we made the really easy two-hour drive to Danforth Bay Camp Site to meet them on the lake. While it was definitely cold, they provide the tent with heaters for breaks from the elements…and it really wasn’t that bad. Finn and his buddy caught a total of about 12 fish…including the Crappie that Finn was hoping for. If you want to try ice fishing, but would like some guidance and gear….check these guys out. They actually have a podcast by the same name. They are super patient and spend much of their day helping their charters read the sonar to know exactly how to handle the line and look for fish below the surface. Good stuff….good guys.

You can find them on Facebook here:

Instagram here:

Or check out their podcast here:

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