Ron Gilson Checks In From The Omega Protein Plant, in Reedville, VA

 A distant view of typical seiner, about 150′ long, carries a million pounds of menhaden (2 refrigerated fish holds).  Boats are powered with twin 12-cylinder D399s Caterpillar main propulsion.  On deck, under deck house, are four smaller CATS used for refrigeration and hydraulics.  (all facilities are air conditioned.)
Yours truly, in pilot house of F/V Smuggler’s Point; we toured, this past Saturday
Alleyway from engine room stern to bow, between refrigerated fish holds, (each carrying 500,000 lbs.).
 Tidelands, Reedville, VA, a fish carrier only, refrigerated capacity – 2 million lbs.
Take-out wharf scene.  This is a big operation with approx. 15 operating seiners.

The company owns 10 spotter planes that fly daily from its own company runway.

Reedville (17000s a sleepy southern town, residential only except for Omega plant.  There’s one seasonal neighborhood grocery store.  Nearest town with businesses and medical facilities is 40 miles away (Kilmarnock).  

I thought you would like a few particulars.

P.S. No shortage of  bait here!


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