Smith Cove and Jet-skiing — pat morss

No, they aren’t related. Smith Cove in the inner harbor reminds me of a coastal Maine town, only short on pine trees. And the swells from Hurricane Earl, way off shore, brought out the Jet-skis on Sunday.

Handsome houses along the East Gloucester shore…
…have a view across Smith Cove to Rocky Neck, one of the country’s oldest art colonies
Gloucester Marine Railways, at the tip, is the oldest coninuously operating railway in the US
Full moon rising over the cove during dinner at the Studio on Rocky Neck
A little later, and a little darker
The swells from Hurricane Earl were modest on Sunday
And the Jet-skiers appeared
1) First of a sequence, with one skier racing the swell
2) Passing, with one going up and the other going down
3) Ski jump
A Catbird glanced up curiously from below saying “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

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