Time Capsule update

You may remember back in June, GMG spent several hours at the Bass Rocks Golf course while the Dubin family (Dr. Jon Dubin, Benjamin and Avery) attempted to locate and recover a time capsule that had been buried there since 2010. Although they were unsuccessful on that attempt, the intrepid crew returned to Gloucester in August to give it another go…this time SUCCESS! As much as we wanted to return to Bass Rocks to cover this story, we were on vacation and unable to go. But Dr. Jon Dubin provided us with some details and photos to share as a follow up to the earlier quest.

The Dubins were expecting the birth of Benjamin and visiting Gloucester in the summer of 2010. They buried the time capsule intending to share it with Benjamin when he turned 10. As we all know, COVID interfered with this plan but the family returned to Gloucester as Benjamin is now 11 and his brother Avery is 9 to search for the time capsule. The Bass Rocks staff was very cooperative nd helpful and the well-wrapped time capsule was recovered mid August. Dr. Dubin supplied some photos for me to share. What a neat story!

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