Uhmmm… Anyone know where the third windmill blade went? #GloucesterMA Updated with drone footage- Update Gloucesree Press Release:

Unconfirmed report that it was struck by a plover overnight. I’m sending an investigative team up there to check it out.

Here’s the scene this morning as reported by Captain Pete Mondello:

He reports there are no cranes up there, that the blade is over the embankment in bushes and there is security keeping people out (a good idea it seems)

Ken Lawler Drone Photos:

Ken Lawler Drone Video

City of Gloucester and Gloucester Fire Department Respond to Wind Turbine Failure and Share Road Closure

Mayor Greg Verga and Fire Chief Eric Smith report that the City of Gloucester and multiple city agencies responded to a mechanical failure at a wind turbine Sunday morning.

On Sunday, July 31, at approximately 7 a.m., the Gloucester Fire Department responded to a report that a blade fell off of the wind turbine at Applied Materials on Dory Road in the Blackburn Industrial Park.

There were no reported injuries, and no structural damage aside from the damage sustained in the turbine failure itself.

Due to the size of the turbine, which stands over 400 feet tall, the Gloucester Fire Department and the City of Gloucester are working closely with Applied Materials to establish an appropriate isolation area around the turbine, determine current hazards and concerns, and ensure the safety of the turbine and the area.

Great Republic Drive is closed in the area of the turbine, and will remain so indefinitely.

The Gloucester Police Department and Gloucester Fire Department are working together to provide access to businesses on Great Republic Drive via a gated access driveway on Pond Road.

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