We have A $376.73 Credit On Our Electric Bill. Can You Imagine What Electric Heating Your House Will Cost This Winter Without Solar? The Time To Act Is Now So You Can Have Solar Installed before Winter and you too can have Electric BIll Credits Just Like We Do.

We have a massive National Grid Bill Credit on Our Bill and It’s all Because Of Cazeault Solar

Fill out the form or email me at goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com and I’ll have lifelong Gloucester resident Tim Sanborn from Cazeault Solar call you to go over your options for free.




We went down to Maritime Gloucester For The First Food Truck Tuesday At maritime Gloucester Featuring The lobster Roller and The Whoo(pie) Wagon. Here’s Some Pictures and a video review with Jimmy Dalpiaz

Everything sold out , so get to Maritime Gloucester early next week!

Lobster Grilled Cheese From The Lobster Roller
Joey Stuffing His Grill With The Lobster Roller Lobster Grilled Cheese
Schooner Famous Daisy Nell Opting For Two Lobster Rolls (Will she share with Captain Stan?)
The Whoopie Wagon
We opted for the original, red velvet and smore

Jimmy Dalpiaz Reviews The Lobster Roller Chowder At Maritime Gloucester For GMG

Friday, July 15th at Minglewood Harborside we are suggesting a $5 cover to see DJ Vito perform at 9pm. The money raised at the door will entirely go to the Silva family 


The Silva family have recently been dealt a horrible blow. A fire at their family home recently and then a robbery at their local business. Thankfully everyone is safe but they need help. Yellow sub has been a staple in this community for years and the Silva family have always stepped up for others in times of need. Now it’s our turn to help them. Friday, July 15th, we are suggesting a $5 cover to see DJ Vito perform at 9pm. The money raised at the door will entirely go to the Silva family. A link will be provided for those who would like to contribute to their go fund me. Thank you ✌️

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Visitors Center Welcomes Aretha

Some of you may remember Keith the Wreath from last winter. He prefers to stick close to home during the tourist season, but his friend Aretha is visiting so we went to the Stage Fort Park Welcome Center for a little orientation. Luckily, two wonderful volunteers Jane and Martha were helpful in showing Aretha a little bit about Gloucester and places to see. You may be seeing some additional photos of Aretha around town (say hi if you see her out and about) but here is her stop at the Welcome Center. Again, if you haven’t stopped by there yourself, I encourage you to visit this beautiful building and see what’s what. Lots of great info that might surprise you and be helpful even if you don’t have visitors. Open Memorial Day through Columbus Day 9-6 PM most days. Special thank you to Martha and Jane for being willing to participate in my project!