One Hour at a Time Gang

Good morning kids:

Hope all is well.  As I was walking on Rogers Street noticed trash again.

Date:                     Saturday, July 30, 2022

Time:                     09:00 – 10:00

Where:                 Main and Rogers

We can meet at St. Peters Square

Thank you and take care


Sunset Cruise from Annisquam

A while back, Maritime Gloucester held a fundraising auction and we secured a sunset cruise from Capt Holly Treat, a Maritime Gloucester Board member. We were very happy to support such a worthy organization and got a boat ride as a bonus! After some wrangling over dates, we finally settled on a perfect evening (Tuesday night) for our personalized cove tour from the Annisquam Yacht Club as the sun was setting. The water was silky calm, the heat wave had broken and the company was outstanding aboard the Gizmo. We chatted quite a bit about Maritime Gloucester and its recent improvements as well as its contributions to the community. Truly, if you have not been by since your 4th grade field trip, DO IT! Until then, enjoy some of our coast from the water at dusk. Thank you Capt Holly for your work with Maritime Gloucester as well as for your hospitality!