Keith Is A Wreath!

Our friend Joey took advantage of our absence from the podcast recently to throw some shade my way regarding Keith the Wreath and his new Instagram account (@KeithIsAWreath). To fill in the story a bit, Keith the Wreath is a little gimmick I was using to show familiar Gloucester sights and stories with a new twist. He has a bit of a following here on GMG as well as in my own Facebook world, so I created his own Instagram account as a creative outlet. I hope you will show Joey Keith’s popularity by giving it a follow on Instagram. Believe it or not, “Keith The Wreath” was already taken (someone beat me to it) so search for KeithIsAWreath on Instagram to watch his adventures. Please!

Also, just because I am who I am, I had to take Keith a step further and now Aretha is in the mix as a childhood friend of Keith’s. They will have some distinct preferences and you will be seeing them together on adventures here on the blog as well as on Instagram! So, Keith is large and brilliant red; Aretha is smaller and sparkling blue. They make very pretty pictures together.

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