Join Us For The Live Stream Of The GloucesterCast At 9:00AM Monday 5/9/22 With Perfect Storm Author Sebastian Junger Link to join here-

Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast At 9:00 AM Monday 5/9/22 With Perfect Storm Author Sebastian Junger

Link to join here-

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Sebastian will be on in advance of his Gloucester 400 appearance at Cruiseport. You can reserve tickets for the event at Cruiseport.

Gloucester 400 organization writes: Mark your calendar for May 13th at the Cruiseport Gloucester where we are honored to host New York Times best-selling, and author of The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger. Click the link for tickets and more info!

Island Similarities — pat morss

Visiting Anne-Lise’s sister and husband in Norway always points out similarities to Cape Ann. They live on the island of Tjome, an hour and a half drve southwest of Oslo, close to Tonsberg, Norway’s oldest city.

Cross onto Tjome over a highway bridge (like 128 over Annisquam River)
Impressive residences were enabled by the shipping heritage
There is an art community, inspired by the sea
Late spring brings new wildlife
Owners are getting their boats ready and into the water
Outdoor dining is on the way (Historic Land’s End reconstructed lighthouse)
The public and residents disagree over access to a waterfront path
A granite quarry was repurposed as a concert and performance venue
Short and stocky takes advantage of fishing quota calculations
Rigged for catching North Atlantic shrimp like ours, then cooked onboard
Free samples before buying (Anne-LIse’s sister), immediately after docking
Couldn’t be fresher as an appetizer, or a whole dinner!

From the depths of despair to the highest of the highs- TIDE TOGETHER III is in!

Start the boat in the driveway with the rabbit ears- after a bunch of priming she starts and runs. McCarthy lends a hand and a tow.

Swing by Rocky Neck but tide is too low so we head across town to Dun Fugin ramp at the high school.

Dunk her at the high school ramp and have the engine going (not under load) still running.

Pull about 20 yards away from the ramp and she stalls.

Wind ripping- tide screaming- right toward the marsh.

Try to start and can get her going occasionally with the choke but not consistently and as soon as shut down the choke to put into gear she dies.

Take out the little paddles and paddle to about midway across the river back to the boat ramp but the wind and tide are too much.

We grab onto the 50 buoy and thankfully a while later a couple of guys swing by and tow us back to the boat ramp.

Defeated, tired, depressed.

And While I figured it would be an hour task tops turns into hours without a clue what my next move was

Texted a couple of more knowledgeable boat guys and explained that I could hear a little air escaping when I squeezed the priming ball.

Took the connection off and noticed the o-ring or gasket on the connection was definitely not perfect with probably a two millimeter crevice where air/fuel definitely could escape creating the fuel delivery issue.

Check out the o ring on the original fuel line connector compared to the o ring on the new one:

So the connector replacement was as easy as loosening the clamp that secured the old connector to the fuel line and replacing the old connector with the new one.

Clipped it on, primed the motor and she runs better and starts up immediately like it’s a brand new engine. (It only has 100 hours on it. No looks brand new under the cowling)

So we went from the lowest of lows and in despair to the highest of highs.

Thank goodness. Boating season 2022 is officially on! Thanks Chris, TJ, Joey, Bubba and Scottie for the advice/helping hands.


Mark the tape! May 7, 2022!

Free Streaming Nia, Restorative Yoga and Moving to Heal Classes via Zoom with Linda for the Week of May 9th, Swinging Country Blues routine

Cape Ann Wellness

Current Nia Routine:s Swinging Country Blues

This is a great, sem

We will revisit a favorite routine, Country Bluesy Swing music.  This routine features music from three groups, The Bumper Jacksons, The Quebe Sisters and Hot Club of Cowtown.  You won’t want to miss this fun and crazy music.  Git yer spurs on and join us down at the rodeo for some fun, EEEEEEE HAH!

Moving to Heal Thursdays at 1:30 PM

Moving to Heal Nia is a slower, less intensive class with less standing and more done in the chair. Great for people with injuries or conditions that make it hard to participate in a classic Nia class. Also good for people getting back into exercise. For more info on Moving to Heal, see the info and videos on my web site or click here

Restorative Yoga

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In this crazy season, treat yourself…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are not the nameless, faceless stereotypes who appear once a year on a greeting card with their virtues set to prose, but women who have been dealt a hand for life and play each card one at a time the best way they know how. No mother is all good or all bad, all laughing or all serious, all loving or all angry. Ambivalence rushes through their veins.

Mother’s Day Sail And Opening Weekend For The Thomas Lannon!

Join us for our annual opening weekend Mother’s Day Sail – Bring your mom, friends, and the whole family. Sit back and relax with a beverage, or help the crew raise the sails for our first public sail of the season.

Link here

Happy Mother’s Day To All The Mother’s Out There But Especially These Beautiful Women and Especially Especially To My Mom- “Ma” AKA Pat♥️

Thank you Ma for all you do for me and Felicia and our families.

And even though my beautiful wife Kate isn’t my mom, a special recognition for being a great mom and love to all of us.