Sebastian Junger’s Words Resonate

As pictures of the May 13 Sebastian Junger Gloucester 400 event had already been posted, I originally decided to refrain from commenting on the event (thanks for the photos, Scottie!). But then, life intervened in the form of disheartening and heartbreaking news relating (in part) to crimes of hatred and COVID numbers. And I began to reflect back on the words spoken by Mr. Junger and the emotional impact it had on me at the time began to resonate in an even bigger way. He spoke to the importance of human dignity and the fragility of life. These themes hit me right in the heart and then hit again even harder a few days later as I learned of the shootings in Buffalo. Human dignity is essential and life is far too fragile to waste time. Thank you Mr. Junger for the powerful reminder. I am very happy I was able to attend and congratulations to the Gloucester 400 for a great event. (PS May I suggest seeking Sian Heder’s return to Gloucester for a similar event? I expect that’s already been considered ……)

Mary Ann Shatford with a gift from her family for Mr. Junger

2022 Reid’s Ride 18th Fundraiser will be held Sunday July 17, 2022 – SAVE the DATE!

From FOB Karen Pischke



I am sharing this email that was sent from Lorraine Sacco –  After 2 years of being a virtual event, this year Reid’s Ride’ is in-person once again; a 28 mile cycling from Lynnfield HS to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester MA. 

Our ‘Dream Team’ has been participating since 2012, as volunteers, cyclists and donors. It is an event that is hugely energizing and a grass-roots family run organization who have given so much to so many, from their heart; the Sacco Family. Even ‘sharing’ Lorraine’s posts, our posts on FB and Instagram helps get the word out.

Reid’s Ride is the main fundraising for the Reid R. Sacco Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) Cancer Alliance. They also have an annual run and sailing regatta. Here is a video demonstrating what they have achieved.

Volunteering time and/or money is a lot to ask of people who have many commitments in their lives. Before I register for this year, I wanted to first check to see how many of you are available and wanting to participate, and for which level of contribution (volunteering at the Stage Fort Park Wellness Tent, cycling the 28 miles (live or virtually) and/or donating. When the event went ‘virtual,’ our team expanded across the country and even internationally!

Thank you all, for your past participation and for considering participating this year!

Let me know if you can join me, and in what role you might be able to participate with our Dream Team 2022 –

  • Reiki Provider/ Massage / Yoga / Acupuncture / Reflexology / Aromatherapy / Other?
  • Cyclist  (on the day of Reid’s Ride; OR  the Saturday before with some of us riding, as we’ll be staffing/working the tent on Sunday)
  • Volunteer day of at the tent
  • Donate (any time)

Jo-Anne Gibely and John Leonard will be representing the ‘Dream Team’ this year from France, riding 100 miles

in the Tour de Mont Blanc! Have a great ride Jo-Anne and John!! Bonne chance!! 

Thank you all, for considering supporting Reid’s Ride, now in its 18th year of supporting adolescents and young adults with cancer, through research for better treatments and support services, helping people ‘survive and thrive’ 

One of their patients recently added reiki to their regime; finding it helpful for decreased anxiety and improved mood. They report feeling calmer as they go through treatments, and are experiencing greater levels of hope.

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead  The grassroots efforts of the Sacco Family are a great example of this.

Enjoy today,


Karen Pischke BSN, RN, Alumnus CCRN

Integrative Healthcare Nurse Consultant

Dreamtime Wellness LLC



“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” — Buddha

gmg’s own craig kimberley: char champion??? vote now!

Locals help the locals!! And today, and tomorrow, I need some votes to help bring this potential BBQ Food Trailer to Gloucester!! Check out my profile, all the food photos, and info. Then cast a vote for the win!!! If I win this puppy, I’ll be going straight to the Restaurant Depot for some meat, and heading to the Open Door to make BBQ for our community. Something I would love to do monthly, or even bi-weekly if possible. It would help give the staff their a well deserved brake from all the heavy lifting they do for all of our community!

Then, let’s throw a GMG BBQ paarrrrtaaay!!!! Stage fort is calling!!!!! Thanks for all the help, love, and support!!

Gloucester needs proper real BBQ, and this trailer will make this thing happen!

Click the link just below!

BBQ for the People!

Join the Wednesday May 18 zoom meeting at 5:30pm the Gloucester Planning & Development Committee ismeeting to discuss how much activity is generated for downtown retailers and restaurants with the ability to have outdoor dining!!

Wednesday May 18 at 5:30pm, the Gloucester Planning & Development Committee is
meeting to discuss the extension of outdoor dining on Main Street

zoom link to join:


It’s up to you to dream up a hashtag for Cape Ann’s campaign to renovate and expand Sawyer Free Library by 2025! 

Just use your imagination and if your entry is the hashtag we like best, you’ll receive a $50 gift card to the Gloucester restaurant of your choice. It only takes a #minute, so get on board to create the new hashtag that the campaign will use on its social media channels for the next three years!

Visit to email your entry, or find us on Facebook or Instagram at sawerfree2025 and put it in a comment.

GloucesterCast 575 Livestream 5/17/22 With Marcy Plant, Sunniva and Joe Demarco Link to join here-


GloucesterCast 575 Livestream 5/17/22 With Marcy Plant and Joe Demarco

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