Ipswich Jazz night Wednesday 5.11.2022 & “The Kindness Concert Thursday 5.12.2022.


This Thursday, May 12th, 29 of my students will be performing at the Shalin Liu Performance Center for our spring recital “The Kindness Concert” ☮️💜🎶

I feel like what we all need right now is a concert where young creatives celebrate being kind and encouraging to each other! Living my dream.

Alexandra Grace

Shalin Liu Performance Center

Located at 37 Main Street Rockport, MA 01966


How many steps does Giannis get away with on every offensive possession? 5?6?

Count the steps. Am I taking crazy pills? I count 5 steps here.

In their tweet, InvestInYourself thinks this is a great offensive play. I guess it certainly is if the refs continually allow it.

The problem I have is that they only allow it for Giannis.

They allow him to take two or three set up steps and then two or three more going around the defenders. They allow him to clear out wildly with his elbows on every offensive possession. They allow him to barrel into defenders chests on every possession. BUT THEY DON’T CALL IT THE SAME WAY ON THE OTHER END OF THE COURT.