Island Similarities — pat morss

Visiting Anne-Lise’s sister and husband in Norway always points out similarities to Cape Ann. They live on the island of Tjome, an hour and a half drve southwest of Oslo, close to Tonsberg, Norway’s oldest city.

Cross onto Tjome over a highway bridge (like 128 over Annisquam River)
Impressive residences were enabled by the shipping heritage
There is an art community, inspired by the sea
Late spring brings new wildlife
Owners are getting their boats ready and into the water
Outdoor dining is on the way (Historic Land’s End reconstructed lighthouse)
The public and residents disagree over access to a waterfront path
A granite quarry was repurposed as a concert and performance venue
Short and stocky takes advantage of fishing quota calculations
Rigged for catching North Atlantic shrimp like ours, then cooked onboard
Free samples before buying (Anne-LIse’s sister), immediately after docking
Couldn’t be fresher as an appetizer, or a whole dinner!

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