Emergency Announcement! Due To The Overwhelming Number Of Entries In The Good Morning Gloucester Cutest Dog Contest Sponsored By SeaPort Veterinary Hospital We Are Re-Opening The Number Of Entries

I set the original number of entries at 64 because I wanted to set up March Madness style brackets. We filled 64 entries within 3 hours and despite trying to post and alert people that the field of 64 was full, the entries just kept pouring in. There are 40+ more entries that came in overnight. So we’re going to re-open the entry period and expand the field.

Please read how we’re gonna do it.

Firstly if people have several dogs, either pick one dog of your multiple dogs or submit one photo with all of them in it.

I will accept entries through midnight tonight.

We will have an vote-in pre-contest in which all the dog photos will be entered and the top 64 vote getters will move on to the March Madness style bracket tournament.

So if we have 150 entries by midnight tonight, I will post them all in a gallery with their names and a poll beneath them. The top vote getters move on. In the case of ties of number of votes at the bottom of the list, the brackets will be filled in order of when their dog’s entry was sent in.

First prize $250 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $250 Cape Ann Gift Certificate, Second Prize $150 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $150 Cape Ann Gift Certificate, Third Prize $100 SeaPort Vet Gift Certificate and $100 Cape Ann Gift Certificate

It’s simple to enter.

Submit a photo of your dog, dog’s name and owner’s name to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Write Dog Contest in the subject line.

That’s it!

Deadline to enter is tonight.


Huge Thank You To GMG Approved SeaPort Veterinary Hospital!

Check out their services here-


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