Beauport Financial Awarded Financial Technology Award 2021

Gloucester MA, March 17, 2022- Beauport Financial Services is excited to share that they have been awarded the 2021 “FinTech Award” from their broker dealer, Valmark Securities, Inc.

Valmark is based out of Akron, Ohio and specializes in providing life insurance, investment
advisory, risk management, retirement plan solutions and support services for financial advisors.

Valmark is the broker dealer for over 100 top tier independent financial services firms in 30+
“FinTech” or financial technology plays a vital role in the client experience. FinTech utilized byBeauport includes financial planning software, portfolio management and performance
reporting, client relationship management software, and electronic document processing and storage. These tools help to keep Beauport organized, assist with reporting and planning, expedite the paperwork process, leave less room for error, and speed up all financial transactions in general. Being able to adopt the seamless and intuitive technology interface.

Valmark has provided is what set Beauport apart from other independent member firms.
Member firms were scored on 8 different categories when being evaluated for the Fintech
Award, and Beauport Financial scored top in almost all the categories.
Along with receiving recognition for being the first-place member firm at the Valmark Member Summit (a conference for all member firms in Orlando Florida), Beauport was awarded, through Valmark’s Global Gift Fund, $5,000 to donate to a nonprofit of their choice. The organization chose to donate the $5,000 to Amirah, Inc. Amirah provides refuge for those who survived sexual exploitation and human trafficking and is based in Woburn, MA.

Receiving this award has set the bar higher for Beauport, as they will now aim to receive the
2022 FinTech award and enhance the client experience. Congratulations to the Beauport
Financial Team!

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