Dear GHS Hockey Fishermen, Thank You.

While it is impossible to not feel sad for Gloucester High School’s hockey team for having to end their phenomenal season just a bit short of a championship, it is also impossible to not celebrate their successes. However, mostly, I want to thank this team….this tenacious and exceptional team….and their parents….for what they have worked so hard to achieve….and, in turn, what they have given to the city of Gloucester. In a time when it is all too easy to argue about politics, and masks, and vaccines, and pretty much everything else…. this team gave the city, young and old, something to be united for, something to cheer for, and something to celebrate. Former hockey players, full of nostalgia, and future hockey players, wide-eyed while watching their heroes, filled the stands to revel in this team’s success….and to celebrate their bond. In Gloucester’s “tank” grandparents, neighbors, former coaches, teachers, pediatricians, and anyone looking for something to feel good about stood side by side where an air of triumph was palpable. The buzz around town….in restaurants and shops… and on all social media platforms about these boys has created a level of camaraderie amongst the people of Gloucester that resembles the camaraderie amongst the team itself. So, thank you for that. What a trip for these boys and their families. So much to be proud of.

One thought on “Dear GHS Hockey Fishermen, Thank You.

  1. Nichole – very well stated my friend! it was a terrific escape for us all and what a ride for these young men.
    And BTW – thanks for mentioning the Grandparents – There were ALOT of us at each game to enjoy the moment,.


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