Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 558 At 9AM Sunday 3/13/22 From CASTAWAYS VINTAGE CAFE With @bernieperisie and Kristin Michele Link to join here-

Join Us For The Live Stream Of GloucesterCast 558 At 9AM Sunday 3/13/22 From CASTAWAYS VINTAGE CAFE Link to join here-


If you subscribe to the GloucesterCast Podcast it will be emailed to you so if you miss it you can still access it through the free email! Link to subscribe here

We will be collecting cereal for the Open Door Please Come Join The Studio Audience Tomorrow And Bring Cereal To Donate To Open Door If You Care To.

Julie LaFontaine:

Last year, The Open Door improved the lives and health of 8,516 people from 4,176 households with 1.83M pounds of good food distributed through our programs through 43.7K visits and/or deliveries.

As prices at the gas pump and grocery store climb, The Open Door helps bridge the gap when there is too much month left at the end of the money. Increased pantry usage mirrors what is happening with the economy and the cost of living.

The Open Door has focused on cereal donations this year to give shoppers full choice when they fill their carts. People tend to be extra brand loyal when it comes to cereal, and targeted food collections help stock the cereals that make the breakfast table feel like home. In a world that feels uncertain, finding familiar foods available through the online shopping platform feeds both the body and the soul.

We are grateful to WE Are All In The Together and all the collection partners who are working to make this happen. We thank them and the community that never stops stepping up to help when help is needed. We are truly stronger together.

Guests Kristin Michele will be on hand as well as red hot hockey videographer Bernie Perisie.

Bernie the videographer that’s been featured all over the hockey world and has created these clips-

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