Eric Kaplan MD- Member, Board of Health

Dear Citizens of Gloucester,

 The fact that the Board of Health didn’t mandate wearing masks at our meeting last Tuesday doesn’t mean wearing masks is off the table. I suggest and strongly endorse wearing masks as a very effective way to decrease the spread of viruses like COVID 19. I will be using city, state, and Federal government guidelines.  You can find scientific studies showing how effective masks are. They can be found on YouTube.  (Some of them are quite enjoyable to watch). Of course, continuing to wash your hands and keeping separated is also still important.

 The Board is looking into using levels of threat from COVID 19 as a method to send to our citizens to help with the degree of increasing care you should take to protect yourselves and others. This is being worked on now.

 Another reason to wear masks is to be considerate of other people. The same for getting Covid vaccine to protect yourself and others. Not everyone can get the vaccine, especially young children. I encourage wearing masks and getting vaccinated to protect people like me who are at high risk, and others who are immunosuppressed, like people on chemotherapy for cancer, and people on drugs to help them fight diseases like Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. It is common decency to wear a mask and get your vaccination and booster to protect others -and yourself. Be considerate of others. Just do it. Encourage others to get vaccinated too. No one is happy with COVID, but we are all in this together.  What we do as individuals affects everyone else.

If you don’t want mandates, be kind and be nice to other people. If the cases of Covid 19 keep increasing, I will have to reevaluate my position. The Board of Health is just trying to keep our citizens safe, healthy, and alive. We are volunteers. We are just trying to do our best for you. Do what is clearly the right thing to do to protect all of us. One of the reasons I love living in Gloucester is that people are kind and considerate. I have no less expectations of our citizens in this time of COVID. Especially during the holiday season, show your spirit of courtesy to your family, friends, and neighbors.

                    Thank you, stay safe, be careful, be considerate,

                                      Eric Kaplan MD

                                      Member, Board of Health

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