Rocky Squabbles — pat morss

There are rock ownership issuse out here. But wildlife generally gets along (unless you’re dinner). Happy Solstice tomorrow.

Loud barking when a second seal hauled out on the same Brace Cove rock
Mallards generally claim this Niles Pond rock
And share it with the turtles during lily pad season
But lately Hank Heron has moved in
One lady was clearly expressing her displeasure
Large Hank had no concern and raised a leg to rest
Until two noisy tree surgeon trucks passed by
Meanwhile, diving Mergansers were having a bad hair day
And a Black-crowned Night Heron hid in the reeds at water’s-edge

Here comes Christmas! This Wednesday @ The Rhumb Line December 22nd 6-9pm

Here comes Christmas! HEADS UP! I’ll be making my first live Rhumb Line appearance in four months on Wednesday, December 22!

Nope… it won’t be the traditional ‘Amero Family Christmas’ we’ve all known and loved for so many years. But, it does promise to be an evening of cheerful, funny and festive holiday music provided by me, along with John Rockwell’s notorious Headlands. All the sing-alongs you can sing! All the joy you can bring! THE LAUGHTER! THE INSANITY! THE COCKTAILS! HOLY REINDEERSHIT! So… tell your friends, and… be sure to arrive early with your twinkling necklaces, Santa hats and jingle bells. It’s gonna be a bumpy sleigh ride! Think I’m kiddin’? Think again. I am not. We start promptly at 6pm! ~ Fly

40 Railroad Ave.Gloucester, MA

Bex Borden Will be On Antiques Roadshow Program- MARK YOUR CALENDARS

I GOT ON THE ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW!!! in Middletown, CT at the Wadsworth Mansion, Hours 1, 2 & 3
The new episodes premiere  on Monday Jan 3, 10 & 17 – I don’t know when exactly my appraisal will air. CHECK YOUR LOCAL PBS STATION FOR SHOWTIMES – or stream online after the episode.

I brought an Imperial Robe that my mother Dot inherited from her Aunt Dot Batchelder Estate (b1900-d1980). My segment will probably air in the front of the hour as my appraisal was not a “show-stopper,” but it was very informative and highly educational nevertheless. It was an amazing experience – here is a link to the wite-up I did about it for GoodMorningGloucester.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

Rebecca Borden

New Business Coming in On Duncan Street

It appears FreshPrep360 is preparing to open up on Duncan Street in Gloucester. It will be nice to have the space formerly occupied by Breakwater Roasters up and running again. This food prep and delivery service might appeal to some of you so stay tuned! Also take note they are hiring if you are interested.

Angus Prime rib Is On Sale At Stop and Shop For Outrageously Low $5.99Lb (Normally $18.49lb)

Northeast BBQ

I Frenched it, cut the ribs off and re-tied them back on.

Made a rub with fresh chopped rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, coarse salt crushed pepper

There were a few sprigs of garlic left so i tucked them under the butcher’s twine

Grill setup- Offset coals with peach wood. 275 grill temp vents half way once we hit 200 on the grill thermometer

At 105F internal Temp

at 125 F internal

Watch the video above for the cut. It was absolute perfection.

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