The Experimental Group of Rockport Art Association & Museum Opens 16th Exhibition

December 11, 2021 – December 31, 2021

12 Main Street Rockport, MA 01966

The Rockport Art Association & Museum’s Experimental Group opens its sixteenth group exhibition, “Unexpected No. Sixteen” at Rockport Art Association & Museum, 12 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966, 978.546.6604,  This exhibition can also be viewed online at Works on view in the exhibition, all under the size of 20” x 20”, range in medium to include paintings, mixed-media, graphics, sculpture, digital art and photography. The exhibition runs from December 11 through December 31. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 5 pm and Sunday 12 to 5 pm. Closed Monday.

 ‘The Other Cape’ by Donna Caselden, 6”x6”x1/2”, acrylic on canvas, 2021

The Experimental Group is a creative forum, its’ main mission is to increase public awareness and to foster self-expression by bringing artists together to explore and share ideas that cultivate creative freedom. The EG is encouraged and supported by the Rockport Art Association & Museum.  

If you would like more information about the exhibition, would like to schedule an interview and a walk through, or need additional promotional images please contact: Nella Lush, Experimental Group Chair, 978.886.4582 or via email at 

The Rockport Art Association & Museum (RAA&M) is one of the oldest and most active art organizations in the country. The Association has a long and distinguished history that has spanned 100 years.

Prepare Your Home or Business for Winter

Cape Ann Home

Don’t wait until it’s too late…

Atlantic Power Cleaningprovides commercial and residentialHOTwater gutter flushing services. Properly cleaning and flushing out guttersanddownspouts allows the water to flow effectively and helps prevent emergency situations with your home or business.

  • Safely removes dirt, leaves and debris from your gutters and roof drains
  • Removes clogs in downspouts
  • Helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your gutters and on your roof

Clean gutters and downspouts are the first line of defense in preparing your home or business for winter and helping preventICE DAMS.
Downspouts are often overlooked –Alleviate downspout damage – aHOTwater flush clears debris to prevent clogging and freezing which can cause the downspout to split.
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Stay off those ladders!

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Maritime Gloucester Deck the Docks

John Emil Abisamra
Isaac Aiello
Nancy Alimansky
Donna Ardizzoni
M.A. Barker
Coco Berkman
Linda Lea Bertrand
Matt Cegelis
Geoffrey Teale Chambers
Allison Charles
Janice Carragher Charles
Melissa Cox
Ray Crane
Jeff Crawford
Nicole Dahlmer
Jonathan Edwards
Nancy Dudley
Jonathan Edwards
Patricia Lane Evans
Kristine Fisher
Ann Guyer
Marion Hall
Olga Hayes
Leslie Heffron
Hillary Holmes
Richard Honan
Jane Keddy
Constance Lafond
Stephen LaPierre
Kirk Larsen
Deb Levene
Rory MacNish
Charles J. McCarthy
Patricia McCarthy
Skip Montello
Lina Narovlansky
Karen Nastuk
Joy O’Connell
Chaya O’Grady
Michele O’Neil
Dennis Poirier
Judy Robinson-Cox
Tom Robinson-Cox
Ruth Schneider
Deb Schradieck
Vaughan Sherrill
Caleb Stone
Michael Storella
Brad Story
Marilyn Swift
Kim Thayer
Juni Van Dyke
Jaclyn Wythe

When Your Son Asks If You Can Stop At Turner’s Seafood To Buy Him Fresh Fish To Cook…

My 12 year old, Finn, is not only quite the fisherman, but he also loves to cook what he catches. This time of year he’s not fishing …or catching… much, so he asked if we could buy some fish for him to cook last night. I was in a bit of a rush to meet a friend to head to the Bruins game so I asked Finn to call Turner’s Seafood Market to both see what time they closed and to see what types of fish they had available….to get his master chef wheels turning. I realize he’s 12 and not 5, but still…..listening to the mature conversation he had on the phone with whomever answered the other end was pretty awesome. He hung up and was totally giddy about how many choices he had. “They have so much fish! I can’t decide…I’ve narrowed it down to 3…maybe 4….well, 5. I don’t know! Maybe the local haddock, or they have haddock from Iceland, or the salmon would be awesome. Maybe the yellow fin….or the swordfish. I don’t know.” Shortly thereafter we arrived and he ran in. He was browsing the display when the gentleman said, “Can I help you?” to me. I told him, “Not me. I’m going to the Bruins game. This guy is in charge of dinner tonight. It’s totally up to him.” The conversation that ensued was perfection. They discussed fish, the couple of people in line behind Finn got a little involved, the Turner’s employee asked if dinner would just be for Finn….or if he was having company…. Finn answered that his grandmother was coming over, he might bring some to his grandfather tomorrow….but that his brother probably wouldn’t eat much after high school hockey tryouts. I let Finn choose two types of fish and he settled on the local haddock (with some extra for his lunchbox today) and a substantial piece of salmon. I paid (we’ll work on that once he gets a job), he thanked the guy, said goodbye to the other patrons, and we headed home.

I’ve been told dinner was delicious. I’m looking forward to it later tonight. Much thanks to Turner’s Seafood for helping Finn, treating him like the little adult he wanted to be in that moment, and for the delicious fish. Good stuff. Growing up salty.

The Gotham Awards 2021 Winning Speech BEST SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE – TroyKotsur With A Shout Out To Gloucester!!

Sian Header emails:

I thought you guys would appreciate Troy Kotsur shouting out Gloucester when he won at the Gotham awards last night!

You remember when Coda Director Sian Heder taught us how to sign “fart” and “butthole” on the GloucesterCast- Link to that podcast here-

Shop for a cause at Backyard Growers’ Online Holiday Pop-Up Shop!

Cape Ann Community

Gloucester-based nonprofit Backyard Growers’ holiday pop-up shop is OPEN for the season! The online-only shop is chock full of unique garden-themed gifts that will bring festive fun to family and friends all year round. Proceeds support Backyard Growers’ school, backyard, and community garden programs. Discover the perfect gift to prepare garden-lovers for another great season. All items come “ready-to-give” in a craft paper gift bag and are available for pick-up at 103R Maplewood Ave.

Visit to shop. Find the perfect gift for the gardener in your life and help Backyard Growers connect kids, seniors, and families to fresh, healthy produce through backyard, community, and school gardens.

Click here to shop!

Pick-up only through December 23.

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