Hello there,I was referred to by Ms. Mochowski.We are currently selling 12″ wreaths for $10.00 (undecorated) at the High School.The proceeds will go towards offsetting the cost of district, state and national competitions.Please email me with any questions or if you need delivery.

Christine SimmonsTechnology TeacherDECA Advisor/Instructor
Gloucester High School

32 Leslie O. Johnson Rd.

Gloucester, MA 01930

GloucesterCast 535 With Zach Sears, Dennis Monagle, Brandon Pratt, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz and Joey C Livestreaming 12/6/21

GloucesterCast 535 With Zach Sears, Dennis Monagle, Chris McCarthy, Scottie Mac, Pat and Jimmy Dalpiaz and Joey C Livestreaming 12/6/21

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Cape Ann Kids Holiday Fund

Cape Ann Home

Join us in supporting the community with the Cape Ann Kids Holiday Fund. Once again, Wellspring HousePathways for Children, and Action Inc have come together to support families who are struggling this holiday season. Follow the link below to donate today! 

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The Rockport Legion Band Holiday Concert

Saturday, December 11, 2:00 PM

Rockport First Congregational Church, 12 School St.,

Rockport 01966The entrance to the sanctuary is on Main St.Admission is free.The Rockport Legion Band is directed by Bob Rick.Masks are required.  And distancing is encouraged.Our program is below.

Helping Hands 25

Josie Martell Submits:

25 members of the class of 2025 formed an alliance & pulled a generous amount of money to shop for toys that were then brought to The American Legion to be giving To Action.
Mark Nestor The commander at the Legion presented “HELPING HANDS 25” with a special citation from the Legion.

It was a GREAT DAY ❤️

Heading Home

A loss at the end of a tournament usually stings for a few minutes. This photo was taken during one of those moments. While I snapped it quickly….while juggling my coffee and my mittens and fumbling for my hotel key, I kind of treasure it because it speaks volumes about Finn and his childhood. That little left hand has dragged a hockey bag in and out of 100s of rinks….in so many states…and two countries. Those sticks in his right hand mean the world to him. He picks out sticks like an adult shops for a car…..and they become an extension of his body. There’s always one in his hand. The pompom hat on his head and the “Finn #21” on his arm will no doubt be how I picture him years from now when he’s all grown up (sigh) and I reflect on his childhood. Finn often needs a moment right after a game….this is that moment. While I love this photo, it does not, however, speak to the friendships, the laughs, and the memories that were just made…the milkshake out the nose moments, the knee hockey, the team dinners, the pranks…. Those mean just as much to Finn…..they are just as much of his uniform and gear….and while not visible….he carries those in and out of rinks just as sacredly. Fortunately, both the players and the parents are able to rebound quickly from the loss when they take pause to remember all that hockey adds to their lives. I’m so lucky for how hockey has enriched our lives. Finn got in the car this morning to head to school and said, “I miss Waterville already.” Me too, buddy.

A Visit to the “New” Halibut Point State Reservation

The long renovation of Halibut Point State Reservation was recently unveiled so we went for a look-see. It does look very different especially from the parking lot to the entrance path. The paths have been re-done with firmer footing and seating along the way. There’s a new wildflower field, though that was not blooming at this time of year. The main changes were done to the Visitor’s Center which is open on Saturdays and Sundays so we were not able to go up to the observation tower that day. Overall the idea was to improve accessibility and it seems that was accomplished! The parking kiosk is covered up leading me to assume the parking is free for now (but be prepared to pay for parking if not a DCR member).