Heading Home

A loss at the end of a tournament usually stings for a few minutes. This photo was taken during one of those moments. While I snapped it quickly….while juggling my coffee and my mittens and fumbling for my hotel key, I kind of treasure it because it speaks volumes about Finn and his childhood. That little left hand has dragged a hockey bag in and out of 100s of rinks….in so many states…and two countries. Those sticks in his right hand mean the world to him. He picks out sticks like an adult shops for a car…..and they become an extension of his body. There’s always one in his hand. The pompom hat on his head and the “Finn #21” on his arm will no doubt be how I picture him years from now when he’s all grown up (sigh) and I reflect on his childhood. Finn often needs a moment right after a game….this is that moment. While I love this photo, it does not, however, speak to the friendships, the laughs, and the memories that were just made…the milkshake out the nose moments, the knee hockey, the team dinners, the pranks…. Those mean just as much to Finn…..they are just as much of his uniform and gear….and while not visible….he carries those in and out of rinks just as sacredly. Fortunately, both the players and the parents are able to rebound quickly from the loss when they take pause to remember all that hockey adds to their lives. I’m so lucky for how hockey has enriched our lives. Finn got in the car this morning to head to school and said, “I miss Waterville already.” Me too, buddy.

5 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. Nicole, this is gorgeous! Photo and writing both so powerful, i had to show it to my husband right away. Hockey is heaven for him since he was 4, (66 years ago) and he plays several times a week, w some defensemen on his line since 6th grade!
    We love your postings (the one about choosing fish at Turner’s was totally right-on!) and treasure these windows into the great stuff about raising kids: sports, the outdoors, fishing, the stuff that makes us all happy and healthy…like happy kids again!!! Thanks so much!


    1. Thank you so much for the very kind words! I LOVE that your husband still plays hockey. That is pretty tremendous. I am so appreciative that you took a moment to comment and share you sentiments! It means a lot! All my best to you both, Nichole.


  2. That was so beautifully written! I loved reading it! I hope you all will have many more successful hockey tournaments in your life and make great friends along the way!!!!


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