A Question For The @USCGNortheast About “USCG Motor Lifeboat”

“Kirk Hoffman asks

“Joey, Do you know anything about this boat?  I’m trying to find out its Coast Guard number when it was in service.  CG 36XXX? Thanks! Kirk”

Would you say it looks similar to this-


There’s also this- 

1934 USCG Motor Lifeboat

Webs, Water and Wildlife — pat morss

More see-saw weather over the last week, and noteworthy for record July rainfall – already.

A “standard” spider web accentuated in the fog
We were wondering if these webs, that appear with fog or dew, are also by spiders
Our son-in-law promised yes – they are there all the time, but with very fine threads
I confirmed this web was there the next day, when almost invisible
Watching lobstering from our sailboat, outside Dogbar Breakwater
Living up to the name “jet-ski”
Unlike a recent night occurrence, this boat is not on the rocks
The deer are feeding in the Audubon sanctuary, and their antlers are growing
Just two, with more in the bushes

Humboldt County California Shouts out To Manny Simoes!

Good evening from Humboldt County California!I recently returned from the most amazing vacation in Gloucester!!!!! Loved EVERY minute of my visit with my old Army Buddy Dr. Don Tgettis. One evening as we were walking the streets I met Manny who took our picture😍 what a super nice guy!!! I would love to get a copy of that picture from Manny. Don and I were buddies back in the 70’s and just got together for the first time since 1976. The picture Many took would mean the world to me if I could get a copy.

Immersive Light Art Display Honors Women Of Gloucester’s Fishing Industry on Aug 5

On the 20th anniversary of its 2001 dedication, the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Memorial will be illuminated with a vibrant light art and sound installation that honors the generations of women who have supported the Gloucester fishing industry. Created by local non-profit LuminArtz — whose light art productions transformed Greater Boston with shows like “Illuminus” and “Hatched” — the event reunites video and light artist Pamela Hersch of Hersch Visuals with sound artist and composer Maria Finkelmeier of MF Dynamics to transform the memorial in a dazzling display. 

Centuries In The Making: Gloucester’s Wives and Fishermen Shine On” pops up at 7:30pm on August 5, 2021 at the memorial statue (107 Western Avenue near Essex Avenue) with a ceremony that includes Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association (GFWA) and Fishing Partnership representative Angela Sanfilippo, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, and LuminArtz Executive Director Lyn Burke. Following the live celebration, the statue and surrounding area will be illuminated with a light art display and an immersive soundscape that features the stories and recollections of contemporary fishermen’s wives, all from 8:30p through 10p. 
Starting that same night and running from 8:30p – 10p each night through August 12, the exterior of the Cape Ann Museum’s Downtown campus will be the canvas for another projected light and sound art installation that animates pieces of the GFWA’s narrative quilt, housed within the Museum, and created in 1998 by nationally-known quiltmaker Clara Wainwright. The projection will be visible nightly from the Museum’s Pleasant Street side (note that the Museum itself will be closed at that hour). 

Gloucester Little League Fields Temporarily Closed

Gloucester Little League would like to remind you that Boudreau Field (front of Stage Fort Park along the end of the boulevard), Rogers, and Wilson Field (two fields at the entrance to O’Malley Middle School) are currently off limits to the public as they are being repaired and maintained for the upcoming Massachusetts State Championship. They ask that between now and the end of July that you kindly keep your children and dogs off the fields. They thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Remember to come on down and enjoy the tournament as well!

Wandering Young Eagle Rescued

As you may know, we spent the weekend at our New York house. The night before we returned to Gloucester, a fellow eagle enthusiast and photographer called to invite us over because a young eagle was hanging out in his yard. I don’t need to mention how fast we got in the car to make our way over there. He lives on the Susquehanna River and a nearby tree has an eagle nest which, this year, hosted 2 baby eagles. It’s a rare opportunity to get such a close up look at an eagle that is only several weeks old. It has fledged, but is apparently not entirely ready to be on its own (typical adolescent!).

This youngster wandered around the yard a bit, screeching and awkwardly attempting flight. A parent (we suspect the male) watched from above, occasionally responding with its own screeching. I was surprised by its size.

Due to concerns about its well being, a wildlife specialist was called in. He arrived to capture the bird gently and efficiently by throwing a net over it. It immediately fell onto its back so that the talons could be used in defense as needed. It was placed in an ordinary tote for transport to Cornell for examination and tagging before it is returned to its home turf as soon as possible. What a sight!

Additional video, pictures and story detail at Pat D’s Photos and Adventures Facebook page.

@FishermenGHS: Reminder: Fall Cheer tryouts are this week. Athletes must be registered on http://familyid.com prior to trying out. Email astuart@gloucesterschools.com w/any questions.


Reminder: Fall Cheer tryouts are this week. Athletes must be registered on http://familyid.com prior to trying out. Email astuart@gloucesterschools.com w/any questions.