identifying a USCG motor life boat in Gloucester

Hi Joey–

A friend named Glen owns this USCG motor life boat.    He’s elderly and plans to donate it to the San Francisco Maritime NH Park once he completes one more trip on her this coming summer.     When he saw this MLB photo over near Adventure and the Gloucester Maritime Center, he became quite excited.  Would you have any idea who owns it and how Glen could get in touch with the owner.  

Hope you can help  . . .



mlb gloucester

5 thoughts on “identifying a USCG motor life boat in Gloucester

  1. Don’t know who owns it but , it’s a 36 ft. motor life boat . Eng. is a Detroit 4-71 . Same type as the C.G. 36500 that’s in the movie ,” The Finest Hour “.


  2. They were over at our docks at Harbor Loop to tow Miss Elaineous away down to Boston during the week stretch of sunshine; don’t remember which day tho’. You could reach out to Maritime Gloucester to ask who they are. Nice guys, but I didn’t get their names as we were rowing out that morning. We saw them out on the Harbor as we were rowing around Ten lb Isl. Good luck!


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