Wandering Young Eagle Rescued

As you may know, we spent the weekend at our New York house. The night before we returned to Gloucester, a fellow eagle enthusiast and photographer called to invite us over because a young eagle was hanging out in his yard. I don’t need to mention how fast we got in the car to make our way over there. He lives on the Susquehanna River and a nearby tree has an eagle nest which, this year, hosted 2 baby eagles. It’s a rare opportunity to get such a close up look at an eagle that is only several weeks old. It has fledged, but is apparently not entirely ready to be on its own (typical adolescent!).

This youngster wandered around the yard a bit, screeching and awkwardly attempting flight. A parent (we suspect the male) watched from above, occasionally responding with its own screeching. I was surprised by its size.

Due to concerns about its well being, a wildlife specialist was called in. He arrived to capture the bird gently and efficiently by throwing a net over it. It immediately fell onto its back so that the talons could be used in defense as needed. It was placed in an ordinary tote for transport to Cornell for examination and tagging before it is returned to its home turf as soon as possible. What a sight!

Additional video, pictures and story detail at Pat D’s Photos and Adventures Facebook page.

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