Gloucester’s Rob Foley Assists in the Rescue of Fishermen While En Route to Saipan

Gloucester’s own, Rob Foley, was instrumental in rescuing three fishermen while en route from Yokohama to Saipan earlier this week! Rob Foley is Captain/Master of the container ship APL Saipan. While heading south towards their destination of Saipan the ship was diverted by USCG Sector Guam. They broke course to look for a vessel that was reportedly taking on water. Upon arriving in the area one of Rob’s shipmates was able to spot the sinking boat 9 miles in the distance. Once upon the sinking vessel they worked with other assets to pull three fishermen from what was left of their boat. By that time, only about 5 feet of bow was still above water. They soon learned that the three fishermen had been clinging to their boat for 8 hours….being tossed into the sea throughout the duration of the night by passing seas and swells. The fishermen were brought onboard Rob’s ship where they were offered showers, warm clothes, food, water, and much needed rest. The APL Saipan then continued to their scheduled destination where the rescued fishermen were happily reunited with loved ones.

I love Rob’s comments after the fact. He said, “I could not have been prouder of the way my crew performed in every aspect. Glad to be able to help out others who, like us, choose a life of going to sea.” Rob is my husband’s cousin….and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Nice job, Rob!

Top photo below from Other two photos are courtesy of Rob Foley.

4 thoughts on “Gloucester’s Rob Foley Assists in the Rescue of Fishermen While En Route to Saipan

  1. Way to go Bro! Sounds like you got there in the knick of time. That’s enough with the pit-stops. Get home soon.


  2. Life is about helping others
    The rescue is inspiring
    The disaster could have resulted in the loss of precious lives.


  3. Amazing story of rescue at Sea. I salute those men for bravery, those who were rescued and the men who rescued them!


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