An Update on The Gloucester Fire Department 1874 Post

FOB David Collins read yesterday’s Gloucester Fire Department 1874 post and offers the following (very interesting) update:

Hi, Pat!   I saw your article on the Gloucester fire department and the “Cape Ann” steamer. Loved it, as usual.   I looked up Edwin Lewis Lane [1840-1916] and it appears you ID’d him correctly. His photo is shown at another point in the book.    

So far, I can only get him to be your 22nd cousin 2 times removed but his wife, Mary, S. James [1843-???] is your 15th cousin 4 times removed. He is a 4th cousin to my family.   I’ll work on it when I can over the next few days and see if I can find more on him and on some of the other fire-fighters in the group picture.   Stay safe! David

PS If you are correct and J. P. Nichols is James P Nichols [1842-1920] originally of Harwich MA, then his wife, Mercy S. Cole, is your 5th cousin 4 times removed. His father was from Scotland. And if F. E. Davis, is Frank E. Davis [1851-1936], his wife was Alice Elnora Colby [1859-1920], and she is your 5th cousin 3 times removed. I will be checking to see if this Frank Davis is THE Frank E. Davis of the Gloucester fish company, which I think he is.

Thanks David! This is an awesome addition to the story.

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